want an ant-free pantry? 6 tips for ant control in vancouver

Have ants taken over your kitchen lately? If so, you’re probably fed up with the little critters.

Ant invasions are annoying and can become overwhelming if they’re not stopped. Luckily, there are some quick solutions to deal with the issue.

Pest control specialists can help you remove the ant problem, or you can get your DIY on and take care of it yourself.

Want to get rid of those pests once and for all? Here are six tips for ant control in Vancouver.

1. seal entrance points

Now, obviously, you won’t be sealing your entrance points. But ants don’t only get in whenever you open a window or step through a doorway. They can get in just about every tiny opening you can imagine.

Don’t have any openings for ants to enter through? Think again. Small cracks in your walls, power outlet openings, and pipe entrances can all let ants into your home.

So to make sure the ants have as little chance as possible of getting in, seal all their entryways you can find. You may need caulking or other special materials.

Don’t go crazy looking for every tiny crack and opening your house might have. But go after as many entry points as you can find or know about.

2. remove food sources

One of the biggest reasons ants will enter your home is because they smell food. If one ant locates the source of that food, he’ll leave a trail for the rest of his buddies to follow.

Suddenly your ant issue just grew by a ton.

Keeping your kitchen and pantry clean is key. Don’t leave sugar, crumbs, or other messes lying about after you cook or eat. Dirty dishes that linger for long periods of time are inviting too.

The more food you have sitting out, the more likely you are to have some ants come and find it. So clean up and store things properly. This includes cleaning up after eating in rooms other than the kitchen, too.

Even if your home is spotless, you could end up with ants. It all depends on how accessible food is for them.

Do you tend to store sugar and flour in the paper bags they come in from the grocery store? Consider storing them in sealable plastic containers instead.

3. keep pet food sealed

If you have pets in the home, remember that they have food too. This is another food source for ants. Don’t leave dog or cat food sitting around on or near the floor.

Ants will eat whatever food they can find. They won’t sniff at dog food as you would. So make sure every type of possible food for them is placed in a sealed container.

4. get your diy on

Many of these tips focus on what to do to keep ants out. But what if the infestation has already begun? If a group of ants has already staked out your kitchen, blocking the entrances won’t get rid of the ones who are already there.

This is where traps come in handy. You can purchase various types of ant traps from your local stores, or you can make them yourself.

Mix powdered sugar and borax together to create a trap. For a kid—and pet-friendly version, mix powdered sugar and baking soda. Ants are attracted to sugar, but the mix in borax or baking soda is fatal to them.

Simply leave the mixture in areas where the ants tend to hang out, and they’ll be sure to check it out.

Clean surfaces with vinegar to remove the trails left by ants telling others where the food is. This will lessen the number of ants that continue to come into your home.

5. take water away

Just like you and your family members, ants need water. So make sure it isn’t available to them in your house. This will make them want to hit the road.

Ants may find water or other moisture in many areas. Leaking pipes, dog bowls, dropped food or spilled drinks, and more may give them what they need.

Locate any leaks you might have and get them fixed. Ensure your rain gutters direct water away from your house, not toward it.

The less available water is, the less the ants will be able to survive.

6. call in a professional

If all else fails, or if you simply don’t have the time to deal with the issue yourself, call in a professional. They’ll know exactly what to do to get your kitchen ant-free again.

Experienced exterminators have the tools and know-how to remove all sorts of unwanted critters, including ants. So don’t hesitate to call one in. They’ll do a thorough job and ensure the problem is completely solved.

While taking care of ants can be easy, you might find they keep coming back. So bringing a professional in can save you a lot of time and frustration.

try these tips for ant control in vancouver

Ant infestations are a big problem in Vancouver and the rest of the country, so do what you can to prevent them in your home.

If you’re past the prevention point and need to remove the pests, it’s not too late to act. These tips for ant control in Vancouver will help you get your home back to its normal ant-free state.

Ready to take back your home? Contact us today or call (360) 506-6071, and we’ll help you restore peace as soon as possible.

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