here are some of the biggest pest problems in washington to look out for

Insect and rodent pests are a problem both in commercial and residential spaces.

They eat crops. They get into sensitive equipment. And in our homes, they pose serious health and safety risks.

In fact, pest control has proven to be so important that experts believe there is a correlation between more pest control and longer life expectancy today compared to the early 1900s.

Keep reading to learn about a few common pests throughout Washington and why you need Natura pest control to get rid of them.


Fleas are a painful, annoying pest. However, they are often overlooked on lists of household pests because they need a host to survive.

If you have a household dog or cat, or one comes to visit and is carrying fleas, once inside your home they can lay eggs. After those eggs hatch, they’ll look for a nearby host to attach to, which might just be you or a loved one.

Fleas bite, leaving behind painful red welts that itch. While the itching is annoying, these bites can be much more dangerous if a flea is carrying a disease that it picked up from a previous host.

Stopping a flea infestation in your home requires much more than treating the fleas living on your skin or that of your pet. Instead, you need professionals to stop the entire reproductive process, eliminating the presence of flea eggs in your home.


Ants are one of the most common — and most annoying — pests you can experience. That’s because it takes very little to attract them, and they can get into your home from just about anywhere.

Oftentimes, ants are found in bathrooms and kitchens where water and food sources are plentiful. They can squeeze through cracks you didn’t even realize that your home had.

You could see just one or two ants on occasion. Or you may see hundreds of them. When they’re simply marching in and out of your home, they won’t do much beyond devouring any food crumbs.

But what many homeowners don’t realize is that ants can infest your walls, eating through drywall and insulation.

Left unchecked, they can form massive colonies in the walls of your home before you even realize that they are there. Over time, this can lead to costly damage in your walls.


While one or two ants won’t cause much damage in your home, one or two rats can.

Unlike some pests, rats can harm a home’s inhabitants directly. Rats carry a variety of diseases, including Lassa Fever, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, and more.

The plague, originally spread by rats leading to millions of deaths during the middle ages, is still being spread in various parts of the world by rats.

Rats can also spread other pests, such as fleas or lice, into your home, making them even more dangerous. They chew through walls, eat through containers, and often aren’t afraid to approach humans. This can lead to bites and exposure to the diseases that they carry.

Fighting a rat infestation on your own is very difficult. Rats are stealthy and resilient — and they repopulate quickly.

Homeowners who aren’t familiar with rats often don’t realize how many different types there are. Each has its own characteristics, which you’ll need to know if you want to get rid of them.


Smaller and a little less intimidating, mice aren’t usually as feared as rats. But that doesn’t make them any less dangerous, especially in your home.

Like rats, mice can carry a variety of diseases, including Hemorrhagic Fever, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, and more. Also, like rats, they’ll eat just about anything.

They leave urine behind everywhere they go, which will give your home a foul odor in no time.

Because mice can flatten themselves down to just a portion of their usual size, they can slip under doors and through tiny cracks, making it easy for them to get into even newer homes.


While wasp nests are often found in backyards, individual wasps may enter your home through pipes or cracks. Once inside, they may start new nests in your walls, on enclosed patios, or anywhere that they can find an undisturbed spot.

Once the nest begins to grow, it can be difficult to stop. You’ll go from having one or two wasps in your home to dozens or even hundreds of dangerous creatures flying around, stinging your family.

Never attempt to get rid of a wasp nest on your own, especially if it is inside of your home.


When most people think of pest infestations, they think of cockroaches.

Roaches most often come up through pipes and from septic tanks. They carry a number of dangerous diseases, not to mention they leave behind a stench.

They multiply incredibly quickly, are resilient, need very little food or resources, and are also difficult to kill. This pest is definitely best left to the professionals to get rid of.


Like all of the pests on this list, spiders can sneak into your home from just about anywhere.

While many species of spiders are harmless, others, such as Black Widows, are poisonous. Black Widows are not only present in Washington but are common in the eastern part of the state.

A single bite can severely injure or even kill your loved ones or pets. A single spider could be just that — or a sign that you have others waiting in your walls and hidden under furniture.

trust natura pest control to get rid of your pests

No matter which type of pest is infesting your home, you and your family’s health and wellness could be at risk.

Don’t let an infestation get even worse. The faster you call in the pros to treat the problem, the less likely someone will get bit, stung, or otherwise hurt.

Contact us today to see how Natura pest control can help you rid your home of annoying, dangerous pests such as these.

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