5 signs you have a german roach infestation

If you have a German roach infestation in your home, you and your family could potentially face some huge health risks.

German roaches are known to spread pathogens throughout homes that can cause a wide range of complications. Those pathogens can include everything from allergens that can lead to asthma attacks to bacteria that can result in food poisoning.

German roaches can also make your home very dirty if an infestation gets to be bad enough. They can contaminate your food, force you to throw out your utensils and buy new ones, and more.

For these reasons, you should keep a close eye out for signs of a German roach infestation at all times. And if you spot any of the signs, you should reach out to a company capable of providing pest control in Vancouver, Washington right away.

Here are 5 common signs of a German roach infestation.

1. see german roaches scurrying around

More often than not, homeowners find out that they have a German roach infestation when they see a bunch of roaches scurrying around inside of their homes.

German roaches are naturally nocturnal, so you have a better chance of seeing them at night than you do of seeing them during the day. But if you have an infestation in your home that has spiraled out of control, it’s not out of the ordinary to see German roaches searching for food and water in your home when the sun is still out.

If you don’t know what German roaches look like, they’re usually about 13 to 16 millimeters long and are either light brown or possibly tan. They also have two black lines that run horizontally right behind their heads.

Most adult German roaches have wings and can fly if they have to. But most of the time, roaches will choose to run around inside of a home as opposed to flying.

German roaches will typically congregate under kitchen and bathroom sinks, near garbage cans, and anywhere else where they’ll have easy access to the food and water they need to survive.

2. find droppings from german roaches

You don’t necessarily need to see German roaches in your home to know that you have an infestation. One of the other ways to detect them is by finding their droppings scattered throughout your home.

German roach droppings tend to be very tiny and dark. They’ve been compared to pepper, and if the droppings are allowed to sit for long enough, they can stain countertops, floors, and other surfaces.

There’s a chance that you can find German roach dropping almost anywhere in your home. But they’ll usually show up in the corners of rooms, at the tops of doorways, and near cracks and crevices in walls, windows, and more.

A reputable pest control company will be able to help you identify where droppings in your home are coming from.

3. spot egg capsules left behind by german roaches

German roaches can multiply very quickly once they get inside your home. That’s because they can carry up to 40 eggs at once and turn a small infestation into a huge one in no time.

Female German roaches will keep their eggs close until a day or two before they’re ready to hatch. At that point, they’ll release their egg capsules and let nature take its course. And once they’ve welcomed their babies into the world, they’ll leave their egg capsules behind for you to clean up.

If you spot any egg capsules discarded in various parts of your home, you should leave the clean up to the professionals. They can investigate the source of the capsules and make sure that German roaches aren’t allowed to spread out any more than they already have in your home.

4. smell an odor associated with german roaches

Is there a musty smell in your home right now that you can’t really explain?

You might think that it’s coming from your basement or your crawlspace as a result of some kind of leak. Or you might think that your garbage can have something in it that’s producing a really foul odor.

But in reality, the smell could be associated with a German roach infestation. When you have a large number of German roaches in your home, they’ll often team up to release a secretion that will send a strong odor out into your home.

At first, the odor might simply be a little bit unpleasant. But over time, the smell can get to be worse and worse until you can’t stomach being in your home.

Once it reaches that point, you might not be able to stay in your home for much longer. It’s why you should contact a pest control company at the first sign of a bad odor in your home that seems to be stemming from German roaches.

5. come across dead german roaches

Once the German roach population in your home grows to be too large, there won’t be enough food and water to go around for everyone.

When that happens, some of the German roaches in your house will start to die off. There will be dead German roaches located in different areas of your home.

If you come across even just one dead German roach, it could indicate that there are more where that one came from. Rather than simply discarding it and thinking your problem is solved, seek professional pest control services to find out if you have a lot more German roaches in your home.

get rid of your german roach infestation today

Do you suspect that you might have a German roach infestation in your home at the moment?

Instead of doing your best to ignore it, spring into action and do something about it right away. It could save you from the side effects that often come along with having a bunch of German roaches in your home.

Contact us to schedule roach control treatment for your home. We can get rid of your pest problem and talk to you about preventing more pest infestations in the future.

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