Ant Control in the Vancouver and Portland Metro

Finding ants in your space? At Natura Pest Control, we’ve got the expertise to handle them all. Whether it’s sneaky kitchen invaders or wood-damaging troublemakers, our team will pinpoint their whereabouts and provide specialized care tailored to their species. With Associate Certified Entomologists on our team, we can rapidly zero in on the exact pest causing you trouble.
With our arsenal of industry-leading techniques and environmentally conscious methods, you can say goodbye to these unwelcome guests. For outstanding ant pest control services in the Vancouver and Portland Metro, trust the dedicated crew here at Natura Pest Control!

our unique approach

Picture this: A company dedicated to your satisfaction. We don’t believe in one-and-done services; we’re your long-term solution against pests. Our approach is a carefully crafted strategy that prioritizes:


Our team consists of skilled and licensed technicians who understand the ins and outs of ant behavior. From their sneaky hideouts to unique habits, we’ve got it covered, making us experts at elimination.

Eco-Friendly Approaches

We balance home protection with a passion for eco-conscious solutions. Our methods include sustainable practices, creating a safe space for your family and the local environment.

Your Peace of Mind

Evicting ants? That’s just step one. Rest assured, we’re committed to making sure your home is pest-free. That’s why we offer free retreatments for pests included in our recurring seasonal service!

Common Pest Ants in Vancouver and Portland

The Pacific Northwest hosts a range of ant species that can invade your space, each presenting unique challenges:

odorous house ants

These small, brown ants release an unpleasant odor akin to rotten coconut when crushed. They have a liking for sugary substances, as well as water sources, making kitchen and bathroom areas their frequent spots.

carpenter ants

Carpenter ants tunnel through wood to nest, inadvertently compromising your home’s structural stability. Quick action and professional pest services can safeguard your property from lasting harm.

pavement ants

Nesting under sidewalks and home foundations, these ants may infiltrate indoor spaces for food. Without proper intervention, they can cause quite a problem in your kitchen.

Ant Prevention Tips

Ant pest control doesn’t have to start when an infestation begins. To keep your home ant-free, try out these tips:
Seal Entry Points: Block potential entryways by caulking cracks and gaps around windows and doors.
Maintain Cleanliness: Regularly clean countertops, floors, and areas where food is prepared or stored. Promptly wipe spills to deter ant foraging.
Landscaping Awareness: Trim trees and shrubs away from your house to deter ant bridges from forming.
Properly Store Food: Store food in airtight containers and keep ripe fruits in the refrigerator to prevent attracting ants. Add items high in sugar or carbohydrates like cereal, granola, sweet snacks, pasta, and rice to hard plastic containers
Professional Inspection: Schedule periodic inspections with us! We can identify vulnerabilities and provide preventative measures suited to your home.
Some ants require unique or tailored preventive care. For example, carpenter ants prefer water-damaged or soft wood, so we recommend repairing broken or leaky pipes to keep these pests at bay. 
But don’t worry! Our experts can point out any areas of concern in or around your home during an inspection.

Experience a Pest-Free Environment with Natura Pest Control

Partnering with Natura Pest Control means accessing comprehensive solutions for your specific ant problems. We typically apply a liquid treatment around your home’s foundation and a granular barrier in the yard to stop ants at the source. Our expert technicians may even apply the treatment inside the wall voids to target straight to the nests! We even offer specialized services to tackle hard-to-beat species like carpenter ants or pharaoh ants. 
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