Aphid Control in the Vancouver and Portland Area

Aphids, often overlooked due to their small size, can threaten the health and vitality of your plants. These sap-sucking insects can spell trouble for homeowners with lush, thriving gardens. Rapidly multiplying, aphids can form large colonies that swiftly destroy foliage and stunt plant growth. They also attract numerous types of ant colonies with the “honeydew” they excrete. Ew!
With over 50 years of combined experience in the pest control industry and the knowledge of two Associate Certified Entomologists, we understand the impact aphids can have on plants, gardens, and crops. That’s why our tailored aphid control service provides immediate relief and long-term protection against these pests.
When aphid populations grow out of control, contact us here at Natura Pest Control. Proudly serving the Vancouver and Portland Metropolitan area, we can find the site of an aphid infestation and keep your leafy greens looking incredible.

our unique approach

Picture this: A company dedicated to your satisfaction. We don’t believe in one-and-done services; we’re your long-term solution against pests. Our approach is a carefully crafted strategy that prioritizes:


Our team consists of skilled and licensed technicians who understand the ins and outs of aphid behavior. We can easily spot the signs of these plant-destroying pests and use our knowledge to create a plan that sends them packing.

Eco-Friendly Approaches

We balance home protection with a passion for eco-conscious solutions. Our methods include sustainable practices creating a safe space for your family and the local environment.

Your Peace of Mind

Aphids may stick around from season to season. That’s why we offer unlimited retreatments for customers on our pest subscription service! If aphids come back within 90 days, we’ll come and get rid of them for free!

Why Aphids Are a Problem for Your Plants

Aphids’ relentless feeding weakens plants, causing curled, yellow, or distorted leaves. Beyond aesthetic damage, aphids can serve as vectors for plant diseases, compromising the overall health of gardens and ornamental plants.
Their diverse species and hues, spanning from green to black, cleverly mask their presence, often leading to unnoticed infestations until visible damage emerges. Timely action is crucial to protect your landscapes and prevent costly plant damage.

Early Signs of an Aphid Infestation

Finding an aphid infestation is key to managing it effectively. Beyond visual leaf damage, keep an eye out for these signs:
Sticky Residue (Honeydew): As aphids feed, they release a sticky substance called honeydew, which tends to build up on leaves, stems, or the ground beneath affected plants.
Wilting or Stunted Growth: Plants affected by aphids might exhibit weakened growth, including wilting, stunted shoots, or a general decline in overall health due to the pests sapping their vital nutrients.
Ant Activity: Trim trees and shrubs away from your house to deter ant bridges from forming.

Experience a Pest-Free Environment with Natura Pest Control

Partnering with Natura Pest Control means accessing comprehensive solutions for specific aphid problems. With specialized licensing specifically for ornamental plant treatment, we’ve honed our expertise in combating aphids.
What sets us apart? We take pride in being one of the select pest control companies in this region with a team comprising multiple employees holding the prestigious title of Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE)—a testament to our profound understanding of insects.
Ready to take back control of your home or business? Contact us today and experience the Natura difference!

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