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At Natura Pest Control, we believe in ongoing pest management rather than a one-time fix. Dedicated to safeguarding your space, Natura offers meticulous pest control services committed to precision and care.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tailored Solutions, Just for You:

Our team thoroughly assesses your property, pinpointing pest access points or signs of activity. Following our inspection, we’ll create a personalized solution to tackle your specific pest challenges head-on.

Eco-Conscious Pest Management:

At Natura, our commitment to sustainability runs deep. Our eco-friendly liquid treatments create a protective barrier around your property, preventing pests from using foundational gaps or vents as entry points. Extending 10-20 feet into your lawn, our granular barrier treatment provides robust pest management without harming the environment.

Comprehensive Care, Because Every Detail Matters:

We don’t settle for less than spotless. During our scheduled visits, we go above and beyond by:
Because we use eco-friendly products that will break down naturally in the environment, our subscription service includes regular reapplications of protective barriers around your home every 90 days
If pests return before the 90-day mark, we’re here to fix it, no questions asked. Our unlimited re-services are included in your subscription because your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities. 
The monthly subscription price encompasses all treatments and anything in between, providing consistent protection against pests without any hassle.
Do I Need Seasonal Treatments?
Seasonal treatments are crafted to tackle the most active pests during specific times of the year, effectively addressing each season’s unique challenges. 
These treatments take a proactive approach by disrupting pests’ life cycles early, curbing potential infestations before they spiral into significant issues. By staying ahead of pest problems, these treatments help dodge the need for pricier and more extensive pest control measures later on. Pest control is a process, not an event. Receiving regular, thorough treatments will keep that process moving, providing continuous protection against invading pests. 
Natura doesn’t do one-size-fits-all treatments. We’ll tailor your service to match your property’s distinct features, considering location, surrounding environment, and specific pest risks. 
Once pests are gone, it’s crucial to keep them out. Our routine services are designed for exactly that by:

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