Our Services

Here at Natura one of our mottos is “pest control is a process, not a one time event.” Having this approach to pest services allows us to offer our customers long term solutions to pest issues they are having.

Our process begins with an inspection by one our our licensed technicians. During this inspection we identify possible entry points for pests and customize our service to your needs. During our initial service we then establish a protective barrier around the home and property to keep pests as far away as possible. This barrier includes a liquid treatment around the base of the home, a granular barrier in the yard, removal of any cobwebs or wasp nests around the eves and entry ways, and rodent protection stations where needed. This initial service eliminates any existing pests.

A month later we repeat this process to break the hatching cycle and prevent any new pests from appearing. Our professional products break down naturally over 2-3 months, so to maintain your pest free home we have maintenance visits every 90 days. However because mother nature can be unpredictable if any pests appear between this visits we come back at any time, with no charge.