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Boxelder Bug Control in the Vancouver and Portland Metro

As temperatures plummet, many insects sneak inside to beat the winter chill. Boxelder bugs are no different, abandoning their outdoor haunts in favor of your home’s warm shelter. While harmless, boxelder bugs can become major nuisances for homeowners as they congregate outside your home and invade indoor spaces. 
Our specialized services are tailored to combat boxelder bug infestations head-on and thwart their entry into your home. At Natura, we tackle existing pest issues and proactively implement strategies to discourage boxelder bugs, especially during the height of their winter invasions. Focused, thorough treatment during the summer and fall months can prevent the majority of boxelder bugs from seeking winter shelter inside your home.
With our customized solutions, your property remains shielded from these unwanted guests year-round, giving you peace of mind regardless of the season!

our unique approach

Picture this: A company dedicated to your satisfaction. We don’t believe in one-and-done services; we’re your long-term solution against pests. Our approach is a carefully crafted strategy that prioritizes:


Thanks to our years of hands-on experience, we’ve honed our skills for spotting the root cause of boxelder bug infestations. This means we can swiftly get rid of these pesky critters, giving you back a bug-free space, hassle-free!

Eco-Friendly Approaches

We balance home protection with a passion for eco-conscious solutions. Our methods include sustainable practices, creating a safe space for your family and the local environment.

Your Peace of Mind

Boxelder bugs are a yearly nuisance, typically invading homes in fall and winter. With our pest control subscription service, you’ll receive treatments every 90 days, guaranteed to stop an infestation before it starts!

Why You See More Boxelder Bugs During Colder Weather

Boxelder bugs are notorious for seeking refuge indoors during specific seasons, especially in the fall and winter. Their search for cozy spaces often leads them straight to residential and commercial buildings, making their way indoors through cracks, gaps, or vents.
At Natura, we understand the seasonal fluctuations that trigger boxelder bug invasions. Our services are strategically designed to address these seasonal patterns. We focus on proactive measures, mainly when Boxelder bugs are most active during the summer and fall months, helping you fortify your property against these pests before they become an indoor nuisance.

Signs of a Boxelder Bug Infestation

Boxelder bugs typically head indoors during the fall and winter months to shelter away from the winter weather. Many homeowners notice signs when they emerge from their hiding spots in the spring. If you have an existing boxelder bug infestation, keep an eye out for the following:
Distinct Appearance These insects have black or dark brown bodies with striking reddish-orange markings on their wings.
Indoor Sightings: During colder months and the beginning of spring, you may see them hunkering down near warm indoor spaces like windows, doors, or heaters
Pungent Odor: Boxelder bugs emit a strong, pungent odor when disturbed or crushed.
Residual Stains: Similarly, boxelder bugs can leave reddish-orange stains, often their fecal matter, on surfaces they frequent. Resist the temptation to crush these pests to prevent spreading the vibrant hue around.
Activity Around Light Sources: These bugs are drawn to light sources, so you might spot them near light fixtures or windows during evening hours.

Experience a Pest-Free Environment with Natura Pest Control

Partnering with Natura Pest Control means accessing comprehensive solutions for your boxelder bug problems. With our year-round pest control treatments, we can eliminate existing infestations and keep these pests from returning next year. 
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