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Stink Bug Control in the Vancouver and Portland Area

During seasonal shifts, stink bugs tend to invade homes and gardens, carrying around their distinct, pungent odor. Originally from East Asia and now prevalent across North America, these insects seek refuge indoors during the fall and winter, often to the chagrin of homeowners of the Pacific Northwest.
Beyond being a hassle for homeowners, stink bugs also threaten crops, leaving visible marks and deformities that impact the product’s quality. With the arrival of spring, they emerge en masse, congregating on light fixtures and windows to make their presence known. 
Our professional services are here to assist when you’re dealing with a stink bug nuisance. We utilize modern techniques to effectively manage infestations and implement year-round preventative measures to keep them from returning.

our unique approach

Picture this: A company dedicated to your satisfaction. We don’t believe in one-and-done services; we’re your long-term solution against pests. Our approach is a carefully crafted strategy that prioritizes:


Count on our practiced techniques, refined over years of industry-leading service, to eliminate existing stink bug infestations and prevent future invasion

Eco-Friendly Approaches

We balance home protection with a passion for eco-conscious solutions. Our methods include sustainable practices and creating a safe space for your family and the local environment.

Your Peace of Mind

We can keep you stink bug-free, no matter the season. Our recurring service gives you thorough pest control treatments every 90 days, tackling any growing infestation.

Stink Bug Identification

Stink bugs are commonly identified by their shield-shaped bodies, measuring 1/2 to 3/4 inches long with earthy tones like brown, green, or gray colorations. 
You can easily identify these pests by the triangular or pentagon-shaped plate on their backs when they are at rest or flying. They’re social creatures, often gathering in groups, especially during warmer months or seasonal shifts. You’ll frequently see them clustered together on walls, windows, or near light sources.

Why Do Stink Bugs Smell?

Stink bugs have specialized scent glands situated on their abdomen. When these insects sense danger or are crushed, they release a smelly defensive chemical compound rich in aldehydes.
The smell is commonly described as pungent, somewhat musty, or reminiscent of a scent similar to cilantro. This distinct odor makes stink bugs less appealing to predators and is a crucial defense mechanism in their natural environment.

Experience a Pest-Free Environment with Natura Pest Control

Partnering with Natura Pest Control means accessing comprehensive solutions to eliminate stink bugs! 
We know the annoyance stink bugs cause– that’s why our general pest control services can target these pests at the source! We’ll identify entrance areas and treat spaces where they may sneak indoors. 
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