ants in the house: 7 ways ants could be finding their way inside

Having visitors come into your home is usually thought of as a pleasant experience, but not when those visitors are unwelcome pests. Ants in the house are typically unwanted, but their presence is not uncommon. It’s not only the untidy homes that beckon to these persistent pests.

And while most ant infestations aren’t as extreme as this woman’s, the presence of any ants at all can be a frustrating issue to deal with.

So, where do ants come from, and how do ants get in the house? To learn more about how ants are getting inside your home, read on.

through cracks in the walls

Nearly every house has some small cracks or seams leading to the outside. If even the tiniest amount of air is able to enter the home from the outside, ants are able to enter. Gaps occur between doors, surrounding walls, and in the transitions between walls and windows. It’s through these cracks, however small, that ants can find their way inside your home.

Sometimes cracks broaden over time and are especially common with older building materials such as plaster or aging bricks. Splits in aging structures grow with the years and make it easy for ants to get inside.

But it isn’t only the cracks that provide entry. Small holes offer opportunities for ants to enter the inside, as well. Small holes can be found near plumbing pipes, around vents, next to electric lines that lead into the house, or near larger holes that were created for window panes.

If you do find small cracks or holes in your walls or surrounding any doors or windows, be sure to seal them up as soon as you can before any ants get to them.

through open windows

Opening your windows in the spring or summer lets in the fresh air and brightens the room. However, doing so means you might also be inviting ants inside your home. Even if your window isn’t wide open, ants can crawl between the window screen and the windowpane with ease.

Window frames that are made out of wood are susceptible to moisture, which can cause the wood to rot. Rotting wood is very inviting to ants looking for a home. Keep an eye on your window frames to make sure ants aren’t setting up camp.

ants in the house enter through the doors

Sometimes, the most common way that ants enter your home is through the door. Kids often leave doors open too long in the warm summer months, and ants can crawl straight in. But even closed doors can provide access if the seal is worn down at the bottom, sides, or top of the door.

Doors that are infrequently used can also lead to ants in the house. It’s hard to notice developing cracks or deteriorating seals in a door you hardly use, and it’s through these cracks that ants can enter.

along utility lines

When you consider how many small holes are made to accommodate cable, water, natural gas, and electricity lines, it makes sense how ants might be able to get in.

The gaps where these lines connect make the perfect entry point for all kinds of small pests, ants included. Not only are these holes inviting to ants and other bugs, they often allow too much air to flow in and out of your house, which can have a big impact on your cooling and heating bills.

through gaps in the foundation

Even if the foundation of your home is strong, small gaps can still form during the initial construction process. These small gaps are often all an ant needs to enter your house.

As ants look for warmth, moisture, and food. Small cracks in a basement foundation are often too appealing to resist. Once they’ve entered, they likely won’t leave without being forced out.

some ants are accidentally brought inside

Sometimes ants are brought inside the house by accident. Ants might have already claimed a home on a houseplant, inside some furniture that you’ve recently purchased and brought home, or even among some fresh produce you bought and brought inside.

Once inside, the ants can start to make your house their new home as they reproduce and find new spots inside to enjoy.

Check any plants, toys, furniture, and food items before you bring them into the house – particularly if the article has been stored outside.

some ants are born inside the house

In some cases, the majority of the ants that are inside your house have always been there because they were born here. If a few ants found their way inside your house and built a nest, it wouldn’t take much time for a small number of ants to turn into many.

Colonies form quickly, which means you might have several generations of ants making themselves comfortable in your home in no time.

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get rid of ants

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