8 important questions to ask before hiring a pest control business

A pest infestation can happen to anyone. In fact, 84% of U.S. homeowners experience a pest problem within a given year. This means there’s a good chance you’ll have to contact a pest control business.

The idea of contact pest control services can seem daunting. There are some steps you can take to ensure you find reliable pest control though.

Before hiring a local pest control services business, make sure you ask some important questions to find the best pest control business for your needs. Any reputable company will willingly answer your questions. There are eight important questions you should ask.

what to ask before hiring a pest control business

For reliable pest control, you want to look for a company that will answer questions openly and honestly. A pest control business that’s unwilling to discuss your options before treatment is more likely to take advantage of you. Make sure you compare the answers you receive to find the best value.

questions about reputation

The first questions to ask are about the professional reputation of the company you’re thinking about working with. If a pest control business can prove a good professional reputation, you know you can trust them to take care of you.

     1) How Many Years Have They Been in Business?

While a business that hasn’t been around long isn’t a bad company, you know a long-standing business has staying power. If a company has lasted at least five years, it has established itself.

While the length of operations is not a breaking point, it’s definitely something to consider. Make sure the pest control business is willing to discuss its longevity.

    2) What Licenses, Certifications, and Training do Your Specialists Have?

Almost every state in the U.S. requires pest control companies to have licenses. These licensing requirements will vary between individual states though. Before you hire a pest control business, check up on these licenses and other certifications.

A reputable company will have their licenses and certifications available for public inspection. They will also share information about training requirements for their exterminators. If a company refuses to share this information, it’s a red flag.

    3) Do They Have References and Testimonials from Satisfied Customers?

Ask about those testimonials. A reputable company will be proud of those glowing remarks from satisfied customers. With a reliable pest control business, you’re likely to find those testimonials already online.

You can also check the company’s Better Business Bureau score to understand its reputation with customers. However you go about it, make sure you check out what other customers have to say about the local pest control services.

questions about inspections and quotes

Before you move on, it’s important to know the pest control business’ inspection and quote policy. There’s a difference between an estimate and a quote.

    4) Do They Offer a Free Inspection and Quote?

Most pest control companies will offer a free inspection and quote. Make sure of this policy before hiring the company though. If they offer an estimate instead of a quote be wary.

With an estimate, the price can be changed at any time during the process. The quote is based on the inspection provided, and will not change later. Make sure you’re very clear about their payment policy.

Check for any circumstances that can change the price options available. Ask about plans, options, and payment methods. Be thorough in your questions.

questions about treatment options

Once you’ve established the reputation, it’s important to determine how the treatment works. Just because a company is popular with its customers doesn’t mean their treatment options will work for you.

The bonus of these questions about treatment options is you have another chance to check the pest control company’s knowledge of their industry. Any reliable pest control business should answer these questions without a problem.

    5) How Serious is the Infestation?

During the inspection, the pest control business should have a good grasp on the seriousness of your infestation. Make sure they’re open to you about your situation.

Ask them to be specific about your infestation. Be clear about what pests you’re dealing with, how much of your house is infested, and where the infestation is worse. Also, ask them about how common your pest issue is for your area.

    6) What’s Involved With the Treatment Process?

Ask the pest control business questions about the process involved with treating your home. You want to know what treatment methods they plan to use, and how long the treatment should take.

Ask them about the frequency of follow-up treatments, as well as how long it will take for the treatment to deal with your infestation. This is also a good time to ask them about methods you can take to reduce further infestation.

questions about safety

If you have children or pets, it’s important to understand the treatments used. Don’t be shy about asking for safety information.

    7) Is This Treatment Safe for Children or Pets?

Once you know the treatment methods planned, make sure those methods won’t be harmful to your children or pets. Ask for safety specs for any treatment methods. Also, ask the pest control business about the safety precautions they take to remove any safety concerns with placement.

Do not take chances with treatment safety. If the company won’t answer your questions, move on.

questions about guarantee policies

Another important consideration is the guarantee provided by the pest control business. Most pest control companies will provide some type of guarantee.

    8) Do You Guarantee Treatment?

What is the guarantee policy? Do they have a money-back guarantee? Do they offer some other guarantee for satisfaction?

Make sure you know what steps to take if you’re not satisfied with the treatment provided. If they don’t have a guarantee policy in place, ask them what your options are. Do not wait until after the treatment to know your options.

choosing the best local pest control services

Before hiring a pest control business, make sure you do your homework. Don’t let anyone make you feel pressured to purchase something you’re not comfortable with.

Choose a pest control business with a good reputation, quality services, and affordable prices. If you’re ready to start comparing your options for local pest control services, contact us today for a consultation.

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