should you call pest control in vancouver for house spider problems?

Do you think you have a house spider problem in your home?

Many people find themselves coming face to face with house pests on a regular basis in their homes. Often, they try to get rid of household pests by themselves, but they often end up contacting experts anyway. So, save yourself some time and contact pest control in Vancouver right off the bat.

Now, you may be thinking you don’t need their services, but there is a reason that the pest control industry remains popular even after experiencing a dip in revenue in 2018. This is because no matter how thorough you think you are with getting rid of your pests, you will always find that they keep on coming back.

However, there are some cases where calling pest control isn’t the right way to go. Read what’s below to find out if making the call is the right decision.

how to determine if your home is infested with spiders

Before you make any decision on calling pest control, you should first determine if you, in fact, have spiders in your home. Doing this will help you avoid embarrassing yourself in front of the exterminators.

There are many telltale signs that will tell you that you have an infestation in your home.

1. cobwebs

Most of the time, you will find one or two cobwebs cluttering a room in your home. This is normal for houses as it indicates that you only have a few spiders around and about. This doesn’t warrant a call from pest control.

This is because spiders will only spin one or two webs at a time to conserve their webbing. If you notice more cobwebs start appearing though, it may mean that more spiders are starting to grow in your house. If this becomes your case, you may want to act fast before their population becomes more than you can handle.

2. increasing number of egg sacs

Cobwebs are not the only things that increase if spiders are infesting your home. You will start to see egg sacs increase in number as well. If left unchecked, more of these will start to pop up faster than you can count them.

Most people don’t know how to spot these sacs. Often, they confuse these sacs as dense clusters of cobwebs. They often don’t bother destroying them because they think spiders can catch prey with these.

The most common reason people don’t get rid of these is that they’re tiny. Spiders often have egg sacs smaller than peas. This makes it hard for people to spot and destroy them.

3. you start to notice spiders wandering around

Spiders often keep to themselves in a dark space or corner in your home. However, if you have an infestation in your home, they will start to compete for territory.

While it’s true spiders can live in large groups, most of them may not get along with others, resulting in some of them wandering around in search of a new space to call home.

Smaller spiders also start to wander around right after they hatch. This often means that there will be more egg sacs bursting soon. So, you may want to check corners and dark spaces for them.

determine what spiders you have

Although they’re named house spiders, they are the least common species to invade homes. Other species of spiders are more invasive than they are.

1. wolf spiders

Most of the time, people become surprised to see spiders in their house even after finding no cobwebs. This often means that they have a different spider living with them, wolf spiders, to be exact. They don’t make any web but prefer to hunt for their prey instead.

Often, there are only a few wolf spiders in a home, and sometimes only one. This is because wolf spiders are territorial against other spiders. The only time they trespass unto the territory of others is to mate.

Finding and getting rid of the few wolf spiders you have tends to fix your spider problem.

2. orb-weaver spiders

These spiders don’t spin standard webs, so finding one along with its web may surprise you. These spiders spin small, circular domes as their webs. These kinds of webs help them maneuver around while carrying their home.

These spiders reproduce faster than the common spiders. So, you may need to call pest control if you find a nest of orb-weavers.

3. widow spiders

Sometimes, you may find a larger and darker-colored spider. If you do, you may be looking at a kind of widow spider. The common kinds of widow spiders are the black widow and the brown recluse.

Unless you have experience handling dangerous insects, we recommend you call experts to handle them. If you get bitten because you mishandle them, you may get muscle spasms and other painful muscle problems.

If you encounter any of these spiders in large amounts, it’s imperative you contact pest control. Handling them yourself may result in injury or an incomplete extermination job.

However, if you only have a moderate amount of commons spiders, it’s better to control their population instead. This is because they’re more beneficial than detrimental.

benefits of spiders in your home

Sometimes, spiders may be giving you benefits that you’re not aware of. Besides not being a threat to humans, they also perform their own pest control.

1. they keep other pests out

The webs of spiders catch and kill pests that are an actual threat to humans. Small spiders catch mosquitoes and they consume it. Meanwhile, bigger spiders can spin larger webs that catch and kill bigger pests like fall bugs and other, more dangerous species of spiders.

2. they help prevent diseases

As a result of them catching pests, they can also reduce your likeliness of disease. Often, small spiders catch malaria-carrying mosquitoes. They also sometimes catch fleas that can spread things like Tularemia.

call the best pest control in vancouver!

The only time you should contact pest control is when the infestation gets out of hand. Instances like when there are too many for you to get rid of in one go. It’s important to be thorough otherwise they’ll come back.

Also, if you discover that other species infest your home, you should call experts. They know what to do in cases like these.

So, have you gathered enough information yet? If you think you can handle getting rid of the spiders by yourself, give it a go! Otherwise, contact us here!

We provide the best pest control in Vancouver. Give us a call if you want spiders to disappear and stay gone.

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