4 weird bug facts

The animal kingdom is wild, but what do you know about seemingly innocuous pests?

4 facts about insects you don’t know

We went in search of some of the craziest and creepiest bug facts around — which ones make your skin crawl the most?

exploding ants?

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you that there is only one species of exploding ant — but we’ll spare you the nightmares and only tell you about one. The Colobopsis explodens species split their skin open and coating invaders in a yellow goo meant to kill or hinder an attack on their colony. Talk about taking one for the team!

fact or fiction: can cockroaches live without their heads?

This is surprisingly a fact! Cockroaches can survive for as long as a week without a head. How? Cockroaches, like many insects, don’t breathe through their heads. Instead, they have small holes in their body segments that allow oxygen into the vital tissues. The brain of a cockroach also doesn’t even control its breathing! Fear not: cockroaches aren’t invincible. Without a head, they can’t eat and will eventually starve to death.

the very buff caterpillar

Did you know that a caterpillar has more muscles in its body than a human? Depending on what kind of muscles are counted individually, the human body can have anywhere from 650 to 840 skeletal muscles — caterpillars have more than 4,000 muscles!

millipedes and centipedes…oh my!

The creepy crawly kings of the bug world are even more strange than you may think! No one knows why, but centipedes always have an odd number of legs.

Fossil evidence suggests millipedes may be the first animals to move from a life in the water to life on land. One fossil found in Scotland has been dated to over 428 million years old by experts!

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