Portland is teeming with a variety of rodents, with mice and rats leading the pack as some of the most common species. Trust us to provide the best rodent control in Portland!...
Washington State has many ant species, but three are the most common indoors: odorous house ants, carpenter ants, and pavement ants....
Imagine this scenario: You've had a long, exhausting day, and all you want is to sink into the comforting embrace of your bed, enveloped by the softness of your sheets. ...
Washington isn't just known for its stunning landscapes and majestic mountains – it's also home to a variety of brown and black spiders that might find their way into your home....





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Can you really know how to get rid of German roaches overnight? Reducing cockroach populations takes time. For fast, long-lasting control, trust the professionals!

Top 5 Spiders in Portland, Oregon

Dealing with spiders in Portland, Oregon, requires a combination of caution, prevention, and proactive measures.

Black Widow Spider Eggs & Nesting Habits

Wrapped snugly in tough silk sacs, black widow spider eggs come in a range of colors from creamy white to light beige.

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