stop being a mice magnet: 7 mistakes that attract mice in the house


Mice can be really cute as pets…and really annoying as pests!

Sometimes, it seems like even the cleanest homes can somehow turn into “mice magnets.” This leaves residents with a simple question: “what am I doing that’s bringing mice in the house?”

We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover our comprehensive guide to the mistakes that bring unwanted mice into your home!

1. unsealed food containers

Wondering what attracts mice? The number one answer is “food.”

Many people think they have their kitchen and pantries well-organized and the food sealed off. However, the devil is in the details.

Things like cereal bags that aren’t fully sealed off and plastic containers with the lid slightly ajar will end up attracting mice. Mice basically want to eat simple carbs and they’ll try to find anything that they can smell.

To avoid this problem, make sure everything is sealed tight: every bag, every box, and every bin. This should avoid attracting critters to the kitchen.

2. bird feeders

It’s tough to deny that birds are beautiful. And for many homeowners, looking at birds outside of their window is a really fun activity.

Some homeowners take this to the next level by installing bird feeders. They think the feeders will only attract birds; however, this is not the case!

Basically, anything that the birds don’t eat stays in the ground. This will be discovered by mice. They will then think, “Hey, free food at this place!”

Even if you don’t have a feeder, a tree that drops things like fruits and nuts can have the same effect. To mice, this is like a free buffet.

3. a “crumby” situation

If you have kids (or just messy eaters) in your family, then you know what it’s like to deal with crumbs. And crumbs are annoying because they are so hard to clean.

Many of us clean the table or counter and think we’ve taken care of all the crumbs. In reality, the crumbs are often pooling into carpets, rugs, or in little corners where we can’t see them.

And you guessed it: these crumbs attract mice. As far as they are concerned, your house is great because you just leave food all over the place.

You can fight this by vacuuming up the crumbs and encouraging everyone to practice better kitchen hygiene.

4. hello darkness, my old friend

So far, we’ve focused on things like food that attract mice. However, this isn’t the only thing that can lure them to your home.

For instance, mice really like dark areas. This is why they are very often found in areas like basements and attics.

You can try to take care of this by improving the lighting in your home. And for areas that just don’t get much light, make sure to regularly inspect the area so you can find any unwanted visitors.

5. your can overfloweth

Ever hear the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” For mice, this is pretty literal.

All of us are constantly throwing out food that we no longer consider edible. However, mice are likely to find our unwanted food very tasty, indeed.

What can you do to make sure your trash isn’t attracting mice? It’s a two-step process.

First, take your inside trash out in a timely manner. No one likes to do it, but this keeps mice out of the house.

Second, try to keep your outside trash cans as far from the house as possible. Even if mice get into the outside trash, keeping the cans further away will keep them from your home.

6. pet food woes

Many of us have four-legged friends that we really love. This includes cats and dogs who have really healthy appetites.

The easy solution for feeding dogs and cats is to just pour their food into a big bowl or can. Unfortunately, mice are just as hungry for this food as your pet!

Any food your pet doesn’t eat stays in the bowl attracting mice. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes for this.

It’s possible to get automated feeders that are set to a timer. This will only release a certain amount of food at a certain time.

The end result? Less of a pet food snack selection for hungry mice!

7. leaving food out

Earlier, we talked about issues like crumbs and open containers with food in them. However, an even bigger problem is when food is just outright left in the open.

This can happen when, say, a kid leaves a snack plate out at night with food still on it. Or even when adults leave plates with food on them in the sink overnight.

Fortunately, the “fix” for this is quite simple. Be sure to police children’s plates and eating habits and make sure all food is scraped off and put into the garbage can or disposal.

Don’t want hungry mice? Make sure they have nothing to easily eat in your kitchen!

8. a crack problem

We’ve talked a lot about the kinds of things that can lure mice into your home. But have you ever wondered how they are actually getting in the house?

The typical answer is that your house has a “crack” problem. That means there are small cracks and openings in the walls that the mice are able to easily squeeze through.

In addition to the cracks and openings in the walls, there may be openings under doors. Keep in mind that mice don’t need much space to get inside.

How can you fix this issue? Have your home professionally inspected and have any of these small openings filled in.

By removing the only way into your home for mice, you effectively keep them out of the house!

mice in the house: the bottom line

Now you know more about what’s bringing mice in the house. But do you know who can help you get rid of them?

Here at Natura Pest Control, we specialize in every pest problem, including mice. To see how we can restore your home to order, contact us today!

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