Keep Unwanted Pests Away This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for family, fun, and feasting. But if you’re not careful, they can also be a time for unwanted guests in the form of pests. Here are a few tips to help you keep your house pest free this holiday season.

1. find the entry points

Inspect your home for possible entry points and seal them up. These pests are looking for a warm place to nest, and your home is the perfect target. Take a walk around the exterior of your house and look for any cracks or gaps that could serve as an entry point. Once you’ve found them, seal them up with caulk or another suitable material.

2. get rid of attractions

There are many things in your home that could attract pests inside. Do the following, and it should keep you in the clear:

  • Store all food in airtight containers. Pests are attracted to food just like we are, so it’s important to ensure that any food you have out is properly sealed. This includes things like cereal, crackers, bread, fruit, and vegetables. If you can’t seal it up, put it in the fridge.
  • Keep your counters clean and free of crumbs. Sweeping and vacuuming regularly will help to keep pests at bay by removing their food source. Wipe down your counters after every meal, and make sure to vacuum under furniture where crumbs tend to accumulate.
  • Don’t leave dishes in the sink overnight. Doing dishes may be the last thing you want to do after a long day of holiday festivities, but it’s important to make sure that dirty dishes don’t sit out overnight. Pests are attracted to the smells of food, so leaving dishes out is essentially an open invitation for them to come on in.

3. eliminate existing pests

Use pest control products wisely. If you find yourself with a pest problem despite your best efforts, there are products available to help get rid of them quickly and effectively. But be sure to follow the directions carefully; using too much or too little can render the product useless or even dangerous.

If all else fails, call in a professional pest control company that can take care of the problem quickly and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying your holiday season stress-free!

Pests abound during the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them ruin your holidays! A little prevention goes a long way toward keeping your home pest-free this season. Inspecting for possible entry points, storing food properly, keeping counters clean, washing dishes nightly, and using pest control products wisely will all help discourage pests from taking up residence in your home this holiday season. If pests still have made it through, don’t hesitate to call in reinforcements in the form of a professional pest control company that can get rid of those pesky critters once and for all!

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