3 signs of a wasp nest

Summer brings warm weather and summer vacation, but it can also bring out some of the most aggressive and territorial insects around — wasps.

Our team of pest experts explain how to identify and where to locate wasp nests. Keep in mind that wasp stings are painful and potentially dangerous, and this pest is best left to the professionals!

do i have wasps?

There are three main signs to indicate whether you have a wasp nest on or around your property: sounds, swarms, and structures.

1. buzzing

Different wasps build their nests in different locations around a structure, but if your nest is tucked away or otherwise out of sight, sound may be the most reliable way to know you have a wasp problem.

2. swarming wasps

Does your home have a large number of wasps? An increasing amount of insects is a good indicator that they have a home base somewhere nearby. Following the insects’ path may lead you to their nest.

3. visible nests

One of the most obvious signs of a wasp nest is seeing a wasp nest — we know, crazy! This tip may sound common sense, but since there are different kinds of wasps, some nests may be more obvious than others.

how to identify different wasp nests

There are four main kinds of wasps you’ll see around our area this summer:

  • Bald-faced hornets – These are the nests you likely think of when you think of wasp nests. Made from chewed wood fibers and saliva, they look like a giant paper mache egg. They can be as large as a football and are typically always located 3+ feet off the ground.
  • Mud daubers – Mud dauber nests are conical and made out of mud. They look like individual little cubbies for wasps and can be found in cracks and crevices around your home.
  • Paper wasps – Another stereotypical wasps nest, these are the open nest you see that resemble something like honeycomb (sans the honey).
  • Yellowjackets – These nests can either be located above or underground and can grow to enormous sizes. These nests are papery and have one opening but can contain as many as 100 individual cells inside!

Wasps are jerks — protect your family and your home and contact Natura Pest Control for all your wasp protection and removal services! You can reach our team online, on Facebook, or by phone at (360) 506-6071.

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