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5 Telltale Signs You Have Rats In Your Home

There are around 7 billion rats in the world, which might explain why they say that you’re never more than six feet away from a rat… Despite having many natural enemies, rats are sneaky and clever. They’re also highly adaptive and can live almost anywhere, including human homes. But for all their sneakiness, rats aren’t […]

Rat Vs Mouse: Know the Difference

Do you have rats at home? It is likely that you have seen them in different sizes. But can you tell if it is a rat or a mouse that you saw? It is a sad truth that many Americans still suffer from rodent infestation. In 2017, Philadelphia registered the most number of households with rodent […]

When to Call an Ant Service for the Ant Colony in Your Wall

If an ant colony infested your home and caused damage, home insurance won’t cover it. To clarify, your standard home insurance won’t, which means you’d need to pay for extended coverage. Most people aren’t even aware of this, their insurance is probably expensive enough. Dealing with any pest infestation is tough to do alone, especially insects like […]